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This is for students continuing on after the Introduction to Latin Dancing course. Your membership is related to the number of styles you wish to pursue. You are welcome to attend as many classes you you like within a style up to the level you have achieved. This means, for example, that when you have achieved Yellow Belt level, you can continue to attend Orange and White Belt levels as well.

We ask that you commit to a minimum of 8 weeks, which is enough for those students with good attendance to complete the White Belt level and earn their Orange Belt. That said, if your circumstances change (e.g. you suddenly have to move to another city) we won’t hold you to paying membership that you cannot use. Unlike most gyms there are no lock-in contracts and no setup fees. We do ask that you please give us at least a week’s notice if you need to pause or cancel your membership.

If you are intending to attend classes on an on-going basis (even if it’s just one class per week) this is the best value option because the weekly fee is less than the value of a single class.

Please note that we have already calculated into the low weekly fee the fact that we break for Easter and Christmas and the fact that no-one can ever attend every single week. We appreciate our members and the financial stability that membership provides Dance Culture.

Automatically billed weekly.

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One style, Two styles, Three styles, Salsa on1 (Sundays), Salsa on2 (Mondays), Bachata (Tuesdays), Salsa on1 + Salsa on2, Salsa on1 + Bachata, Salsa on2 + Bachata, Salsa on1 + Salsa on2 + Bachata


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