Courses with Madalyn Milazzo

$140$380 total for 8 weeks



Ladies and gentlemen, you are invited to join national champion Madalyn Milazzo for six different Latin dance courses starting soon.

As a Ballroom-trained dancer and instructor, and as a well-rounded dancer in general, Madalyn offers her students a thorough understanding of the principles and concepts underpinning the detailed and precise movements that comprise her social dancing, her choreographed routines and her unique elegant style.

All experience levels are welcome.

All six currently available courses with Madalyn

Sundays starting 17th February 2019 (8 weeks):

6:00pm “Something Sensual” ladies only mixed genre dance course. Local performance and perform-for-video opportunities at the end of the course. No pressure to perform.

7:00pm Ladies Feminine Salsa Solo technique and styling with application to solo dancing and partner dancing.

8:00pm Madalyn’s Angels performance team representing Dance Culture. Join Madalyn’s ladies only team. Performance opportunities include Australian Dance Cup (Gold Coast). No pressure to perform.

Thursdays starting 21st February 2019 (8 weeks):

6:30pm Salsa on-2 (New York Style/Mambo). 50% solo shines and 50% partnerwork class format with application to social dancing. All levels welcome.

7:30pm Afro/Cuban-inspired body movement for men and ladies with application to social Salsa and Mambo dancing

8:30pm New! “Mambo Movement” team representing Dance Culture. Mambo Shines performance course for men and ladies. Performance opportunities include Australian Dance Cup (Gold Coast). No pressure to perform.


Super affordable for everyone. All six courses for the price of three.

Each course includes 8 one-hour classes.

1 course = $160; $140 for members ($20 discount)

2 courses = $280 total ($40 discount); $260 total for members ($60 discount)

3+ courses = $380 total ($100+ discount); $320 total ($160+ discount)

Enrol in three courses and get the other three for free.

Payment plans available by emailing


These classes will be held at The Works, 19 Burke St, Woolloongabba

What to wear and what to bring

Please bring water and wear comfortable dance/work-out clothes. Ladies, you’ll need dance shoes with heels (any height of heel is ok).


Please contact us.

Additional information


Sun 6pm Something Sensual (ladies only) $160, Sun 7pm Ladies Feminine Salsa Solo Technique and Styling $160, Sun 8pm Madalyns Angels Ladies Salsa Solo Team $160, Thu 6:30pm Salsa on-2 for Men and Ladies $160, Thu 7:30pm Afro/Cuban-inspired Body Movement $160, Thu 8:30pm Mambo Performance Team for Men and Ladies $160, 2 courses (please specify) $280, 3 courses (please specify) $380, 4 courses (please specify) $380, 5 courses (please specify) $380, 6 courses (please specify) $380, DC Members Only, DC Members: 1 course (please specify) $140, DC Members: 2 courses (please specify) $260, DC Members: 3 courses (please specify) $320, DC Members: 4 courses (please specify) $320, DC Members: 5 courses (please specify) $320, DC Members: 6 courses (please specify) $320

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