Secret Women’s Business Bronze Membership (only 1 class)

$19.95/week automatically


Secret Women’s Business is a ladies-only series of classes at Dance Culture with national Salsa champion Madalyn Milazzo.

You can choose to undertake one, two or three Secret Women’s Business classes per week. The Secret Women’s Business classes are covered by special membership that is automatically paid weekly until you decide to cancel it. The minimum commitment is 8 weeks, after which time you can continue, downgrade, pause or cancel. You just need to email, with at least two days notice,

Bronze Membership will give you access to one of the following classes per week.  Your first payment will be processed now to reserve your spot.  Then your subsequent payments will be processed the day before class, starting week 2.

Existing Dance Culture members may claim a $5/week discount on the SWB membership. Please ask James for the coupon code.

Good to Great Ladies Salsa

Starting 6pm Sunday 8th April

This series of classes will take what you already know from your regular partnered Salsa classes and build on from there. In the weekly “Good to Great” classes Madalyn will cover ladies-specific topics that don’t get covered in detail during your regular Salsa classes. She will help you to inject feminine body movement, styling and musicality to your Salsa dancing. The content of these classes will also benefit Bachata dancers.

Madalyn’s Angels

Starting 7pm Sunday 8th April

The Angels are Madalyn’s ladies-only choreography team. Learn Madalyn’s latest routine over eight weeks and decide if you would like to perform it.

Performance preparation will commence once the first eight weeks are completed. Angels will perform at local events and at Sydney Latin Festival.

Energia de Samba

Starting 8pm Sunday 8th April

This is not a Salsa class. This is a Samba No Pe (“Samba of the Feet”) class. This will be a high-energy class in which you move. A lot. This is where you dance your bum off and let off some steam while learning and dancing Brazil’s most exciting solo dance style. It’s easy once you know how. And it’s a thrill.

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